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The Dominican Republic is a island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti.


Political Leaders

President: Leonel Fernandez

Major Cities




Before modern times the Taino (of the Arawak) were the majority of the population of the island that they called Quisqueya. They had a peaceful agrarian society and an increasingly developing civilization divided into five chiefdoms. They were fighting a defensive war against the Carib indians when Columbus arrived.

  • 1492 Columbus landed on the north coast Hispanola
  • 1496 Santo Domingo established (first successful European settlement in the Americas)
  • ap. 1550 Extinction of the Taino
  • 1697 Hispanola divided between Spain and French colony of Haiti
  • 1821 Spanish Colony conquered by Haiti
  • Feb. 27, 1844 Independence from Haiti declared
  • 1916-1924 US Marine Military Occupation (US Marines train Trujillo)
  • 1930-1961 Dictatorshiop of Raphael Leonidas Trujillo
  • 1963 Left-wing leader Juan Bosch became president
  • 1964 Bosch removed from power in a military coup
  • 1965 US Marine Military Occupation, to stop Bosch from siezing power
  • 1966 Joaqin Balaguer, protege of Trujillo, became president
  • Aug 2003 - May 2004 Member of the Coalition of the Willing in the Invasion of Iraq
    • 302 troops (0 casualties)
    • Served with Honduras under Spanish-led Brigade policing al-Qadisiya and Najaf provinces


Daily English language summaries of news in the Dominican Republic are available at DR1

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