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Congressman Doc Hastings representing Washington State's 4th District.

Doc Hastings won election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994 to serve the citizens of Central Washington 's Fourth Congressional District. He was re-elected to a fifth term in 2002 with 67 percent of the vote.

Serves on the House Rules Committee and ranks sixth among Republican members on the committee which controls the flow of all legislation to the House floor and determines which amendments will be put to a vote by the full House.

Traditionally members of the House Rules Committee are barred from serving on other legislative Committees but in January 2000, however, the Speaker of the House appointed Hastings to a newly created seat on the Budget Committee, which sets the yearly framework for all federal spending and tax relief.

In January 1999, Hastings was appointed Assistant Majority Whip, which puts him in a position to help move the Republican legislative agenda through Congress. He is responsible for tracking how GOP members will vote on upcoming legislation and for securing the votes necessary to ensure the legislation is passed.

Hastings is the founder and Chairman of the House Nuclear Clean-Up Caucus, serves as a member of the Northwest Energy Caucus, the Western Caucus, the Rural Caucus, and the Rural Health Care Coalition.

From 1979 to 1987, he served in the Washington State House of Representatives, where he was selected by his colleagues to be Assistant Majority Leader and Republican Caucus Chairman.

Runs his own family business, Columbia Basin Paper and Supply, in his home town of Pasco.

Hastings studied business administration at Columbia Basin College and at Central Washington University in his home state of Washington.

Doc and his wife, Claire, reside in Pasco. They have three grown children, Kirsten, Petrina and Colin. They also have six grandchildren

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