Dissimilarities Between George Bush Sr. and Jr.

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Both President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton helped negotiate the Kyoto protocol.

In 1992 the largest group of world leaders in history met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in what became known as the Earth Summit. US President George H. W. Bush and others called on the world to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions by 2000 at the 1990 level, especially for carbon dioxide.

Bush Sr. also backed a ban on assault rifles and a number of other semi-automatic weapons.

Bush Sr. worked well with the United Nations.

Bush Sr. knew when not to invade a Middle Eastern Country.

And Bush Sr. was a naval aviator during World War II, the youngest ever at that time, and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in the Pacific Theater. Jr. did a shady job of protecting Texas from the Vietcong Airforce.

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