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Denmark is a Scandanavian country which joined the European Union in 1973. Greenland in North America and the Faroe Islands in the North Sea are self-governing Danish possessions. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are each represented by 2 seats in the Danish parliament called the Folketing. The American Virgin Islands were originally a Danish possession before being sold to the United States. Denmark was the first European colonial power to outlaw slavery in its colonial possessions.

Denmark has a population of 5.4 million, of whom 270,000 are Muslim. The number of registered voters in the last general election on February 8, 2005 was 4,000,385.

Denmark is today the world's leading Wind power economy, with this clean, renewablke energy source suppling 20% of the total Danish electricity consumption. Exports of wind energy technology are also important for the Danish economy, bringing in 3 billion Euros annually and employing 20,000 people.

The country is governed as a liberal democracy, formally styled a constitutional hereditary monarchy, and is known for its lack of corruption. Queen Margrethe II is the current monarch. Liberal Party Leader Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the current Prime Minister. Denmark's efficiently unicameral Parliament has 179 seats. The leader of the primary opposition Social Democrats is Mogens Lykketoft.

Multi-party System

  • Liberal Party (V): 56 seats
  • Social Democratic Party (SD): 52 seats
  • Danish People’s Party (DF): 22 seats
  • Conservative People’s Party (KF): 16 seats
  • Social Liberal Party (RV): 9 seats
  • Socialist People’s Party (SF): 12 seats
  • Unity List: 4 seats
  • Siumut: 1 seat
  • Inuit Ataquatigiit: 1 seat
  • Tjooveldisflokkurin (Republican Party): 1 seat
  • Christian Democrats (K): 4 seats

Local Government

On January 1, 2006, Denmark underwent a dramatic local government reform: 14 counties were reduced to 5 regional governments with the same responsibilities for the provision of health care and 271 municipalities were reduced to 98 municipalities.

In November 2005, the Social Democratic Party won control of Denkark's largest cities, including the capital of Copenhagen. Former European Commissioner and Social Democrat Ritt Bjerregaard became Copenhagen's first female Lord Mayor in these elections. Source: n.a. "Social Democrats Grab Mayoral Posts in Denmark's Major Cities." Associated Press. November 16, 2005.

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