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Who we are

Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party organization for some seven million American citizens who live outside the United States. We work to support the aims and principles of the Democratic Party. We are recognized as a "state" committee by the Democratic National Committee and are represented on the DNC by eight members.

Democrats Abroad has committees and committees-in-formation in over 80 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. These country committees are responsible for keeping Americans abroad informed of their rights and helping them to participate in the U.S. political process, even though they are far from home. Some country committees, such as DA Canada, DA France and DA Germany, are divided into local chapters.

Together, the country committees comprise the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA).

To contact Democrats Abroad, send email to [1].

For press inquiries contact [2].

For more info see our website.

Active members on Daily Kos

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