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Groundbreaking gay rights activist, feminist author and with her partner Phyllis Lyon founder of the Daughters of Bilitis, the first national lesbian organization in the United States in 1955.

Born: 1921, San Francisco, California, in 1921. Studied at the University of California and San Francisco State College, and received her doctorate from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in 1987.

Active in many women's organizations, gay and lesbian activist organizations, and such other organizations as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the Hemlock Society.

Partnered with Phyllis Lyon since 1953.

Books by Del Martin include 'Lesbian/Woman' (1972) with Phyllis Lyon, 'Lesbian Love and Liberation' (1973), 'Battered Lives' (1976, 1981), and 'The Male Batterer: A Treatment Approach' (1985).

In 2004, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon's life was featured in the documentary film, 'No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon'.

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