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Defense Mechanisms


Repression: excluding disturbing ideas (wishes, fantasies or feelings) from one's consciousness and attempting to subdue them in the subconscious.
Disavowal: disbelieving a memory or percertion.
Projection: attributing some aspect of oneself onto other persons.
Introjection: attributing some aspect of other persons to oneself.
Isolation: stripping affect from thought.
Displacement: redirecting disturbing emotions from their proper object to a proxy object.
Retroflection: redirecting emotions from their proper object to oneself.
Reaction-formation: expressing an emotion or idea as its opposite.
Negation: believing incorrectly that one does not have a particular thought.
Rationalization: attributing mental states to false reasons.
Acting Out: acting to preempt conscious awareness of a painful or disturbing idea.
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