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--Allamakee Democrat 02:37, 1 December 2006 (PST)Wikipedia is older, but dKosopedia is younger than dKos.

We get lots of good Democratic candidates who get defeated and just get on with their lives. Should dKosopedia prolong their public lives?

Is this what Jesus wants? Republicans would say yes, inasmuch as they believe that all Democrats should be held responsible for anything said about them, particularly here. I say delete it, while saving all the dirt about Republicans.

No, there's no reason to delete such articles. -- Centerfielder 14:30, 19 November 2006 (PST)
Many defeated candidates will return to public life another day. We should keep every article about candidates. --Corncam 06:44, 20 November 2006 (PST)
But there is the issue of one's local person who just ran because you suggested so. I'm thinking about all those bad 2004 articles. --Allamakee Democrat 02:37, 1 December 2006 (PST)
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