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Howard Dean is the best choice for DNC Chair. He is one of a very few individuals who have a coherent and new vision for the Democratic Party.



This DKosopedia Entry has been created to help supporters of Howard Dean advocate for his election as DNC Chair.

Political Empowerment & Fundraising

Beginning with the Dean for America presidential campaign and currently in his role with Democracy for America, Dean has had a compelling message of political empowerment for individuals.

This message of empowerment has coincided with a revolution in the way that political campaigns and 527 groups raise money., John McCain, and Dean for America began this fundraising revolution and the democratic party has benefited immensely. The grassroots are now the base of the democratic party.

Narrative Message, Progressive Politics, and Fiscal Responsibility

Howard Dean's political message was not based on anger, the internet, and anti-War/anti-Bush memes. Dean captured the minds of millions of Americans by articulating a progressive message while leveling with the American people about fiscal responsibility and the limits of government.

Whether healthcare, legal equality for all, taxes, or the War in Iraq, Dean spoke with clarity and strength.

National Politics as Local Politics

Additionally, Howard Dean has been a strong advocate for developing the Democratic Party on a local level. Democracy for America has been focusing on this necessary improvement on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Take Action

There is a list of DNC delegates on the Democratic National Committee DNC page.

Additional contact information is available at and

Please contribute any additional contact information you have through these sites.

For an action item, please invite DNC Members to Meetups. Read Aldon's Diary for a discussion of this.

We should soon have more contact information and action guidelines.

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