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Dave Reichert (R) is a Congressman serving the 8th Congressional District of Washington. Before that, he was with the police force for a long time. He first entered the public view when he headed the taskforce to catch the Green River Killer. While it took him more than 20 years, his taskforce did eventually bring the Green River Killer to justice.

He first held elective office as the first elected King County Sheriff. In 2004 he won a seat in Congress replacing Jennifer Dunn for Washington's 8th Congressional district.

While the district has never sent a Democrat to Congress it is turning more liberal as Bellevue and other formerly suburban cities become more urbanized. The district went to Al Gore and John Kerry.

His opponent is Darcy Burner, see Washington U.S. House election, 2006

At a Republican party function, Reichert bragged about getting a school bus driver fired. (Source: Seattle PI: Reichert Brags About Getting Bus Driver Fired)

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