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Daniel Ayalon or Danny Ayalon' is the outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the United States, a position that he filled for four years.

Who Made This Promise?

In a December 5, 2006 interview with the Jerusalem Post, Ayalon stated that the U.S. would prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons: "I am absolutely certain that the US will not allow Iran to go nuclear, because this is a direct challenge to the most vital interests of the US in the region and beyond. There is a deep understanding of this among American strategic thinkers and political leaders in both parties." It's true that the focus right now is on a diplomatic solution and all avenues will be exhausted there, but we all should take seriously Bush and Rice's statements that all options are on the table, because they're not just posturing." How does he know this? Did someone in the second Bush administration make this promise to him and his government?


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