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On Probation

Hardball with Chris Matthews


Network: MSNBC
Duration: Sep 8, 05 thru Sep 15, 05
Reason: Accomplice to dissemination of gross falsehoods and distortions protecting acts of criminal negligence. Diaried here.

This is offered as a fair heads up so that you can correct yourselves. Most of the DKos readers like Hardball, we're a huge component of your viewership. But if you keep having liars like Kerik or anyone else on trying to shift the blame for Homeland Security to the goddamn local mayor, without rebuttal or the actual facts available and promptly presented, I and several others will feature your top sponsors by name and e-mail addresses on the biggest blog on earth and recommend to my fellow million plus readers and members that they boycott your program and sponsors for one week, and send your sponsors personal e-mails explaining why they're doing it. -- DarkSyde


Off Probation

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