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Bay Area DailyKos Meetup in Berkeley

dKos Diary with information on July 9 DailyKos Meetup is here.

Location: Beckett's of Berkeley (website)
2271 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California  
(between Bancroft and Kittridge)

Date and Time: July 9, 2004, 7pm until closing, exhaustion, or personal curfew

Sounds Good

--Pyrrho 16:16, 1 Jun 2004 (PDT)
--Opendna 18:37, 1 Jun 2004 (PDT), but July 9th (Friday) is better.

No Sound Good

Place Suggestions

(just to get tings rolling)

  • Chevy's in Not-Berkeley but Alameda
  • Sproul Plaza: March to People's Park! (oops, no beer error)
  • The Albatross Pub. Good beer, nice location. It's a bit of a hike from BART, but that just means it's out of Freshman Central.

Time Suggestions

  • July 9, 2004; 6pm till closing


Opendna, actually, it turns out there are some family plans for July 10... July 9 is probably better for me too...Pyrrho

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