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We are hosting a convention for the Daily Kos community with the theme, "How do you eat an Elephant?" . The Convention is tentatively planned for June 8-11th, 2006.


(This is a tentative suggestion.)

We value...

  1. members of our virtual community
  2. public policy that leaves a better world to the following generations
  3. discussion of society, policy and politics that is thoughful, respectful and intellectually honest
  4. using the Internet, especially blogging, to stay informed, to debate policy and as a tool for achieving change
  5. individuals being able to express their ideas and receive feedback
  6. innovation in communication and ideas
  7. working together to build a better world
  8. integrity, especially in individuals charged with representing a larger group
  9. a Democratic Party developing a vision that better meets societies needs now and in the future; a Democratic Party communicating its vision more effectively; a Democratic Party that wins elections and governs with foresight


Vision: The Yearly Kos will be the annual meeting of the Daily Kos community; it will complement and enhance the diverse purposes people read and participate in the Daily Kos.


See this diary for possible mission statements: dKos Convention: vision & mission


  • "How do you eat an elephant?"

(I think the elephant is too republican focused, maybe the "One BYTE at a Time" part is all we need? It's like "one day at a time", or "slow and steady wins the race" but using an internet/tech term. - czawadzki )

Conference Registration

I'm thinking 500 +/- 100 dKossers and maybe 50-130 exhibitors, speakers, media and others is the right number of people to expect. Comments?

There is still time to register, please register here.


There is no set schedule or agenda, why don't you look over these proposals?


Call for presentations - rather than trying to get speakers with cache, let's have the community speak.

  • There could be a call for papers. Authors that submit and get approved would get speaking slots.
  • dKossers could organize their own panel discussions.

from gina...this diary by daunte sounds like a discussion we should have.

Confirmed Speakers

There are no confirmed speakers for the Conference, why not help out and suggest possible speakers?

Attn PastorDan: I have confirmed the speaker/workshop provider on working with faith communities on progressive issues. Tried to e-mail you, but two addresses bounced. Contact me at pants -at- goodshow -dot- net for this person's info. - HPE


There are no workshops committed to. Why don't you propose some workshops?

  • Party Direction - do you want to write a grassroots platform for the Dem Party?
  • Domestic Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Economy
  • Recruiting Progressives (more people should be with do we get them on our side where they belong?)

Propose Workshops Here

Convention Activities

If you want to help out with other Convention Activities (ie Music, entertainment, side trips, drinking), lets hear your ideas here.

Childcare: fabooj - I think we should have on-site childcare (so the little ones won't get bored) and day time activities for older children. I am researching nannies/sitters in Chicago willing to watch multiple children at once. I will also post a list of kid-friendly activities by Tues. (with some extra goodies I hope!).

Steering Committee

Are you interested in helping out the DKos National Convention? Then go here to the Steering Committee page.



Are you interested in volunteering? Go sign up here and list your skills to volunteer.

Possible Venues

There is no definite venue confirmed, please goto Hotel/Conference Space Arrangements to add to the discussion.

Financial Arrangements

Please note: Most of what was here was moved to a massive To Do list.

If you have any ideas dealing with Financial Arrangements, please go here and add them.


Can you host some dKos members during the weekend? Do you have a cot or an extra bed? Please post your information here.


Suggestions for air travel, ground travel, and ride sharing.

dKos Threads

A recap of any threads/diaries concerning the DKos National Convention


dKos MidWest-Chicago-Regional Convention

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