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Note: this page remains under development, and will gain additional information as quickly as time allows.



This FAQ file is intended as an introduction to the new Daily Kos software, aka DK4. It includes an overview of the software, a guide to new features such as Streams and Groups and Messages, a list of features on the old (Scoop) version of Daily Kos and where they can be found on DK4, information on the just-completed conversion of the site to DK4, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

For questions about Daily Kos in general, the site's purpose, and any similar questions, please see DailyKos FAQ.

DK4 Launch

The launch completed on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 4:30am eastern time, after the Daily Kos site had been down for 16.5 hours starting at noon eastern time (9am Pacific time) on Saturday, February 12, 2011. The URL of the Daily Kos site remains

My DK4 Account

Your Daily Kos account has been transferred over in its entirety.

What will have transferred

  • All your account information should stay the same:
    • Username
    • User ID number
    • Password
    • Profile, including sig (comment signature) and bio.
    • Subscription, if you have one
  • All your diaries have transferred. There may be a few minor formatting differences, but the contents, comments, recommends received, tags, etc., will all be retained.
  • Any diary drafts you have in progress will have transferred as is, and be waiting for you to complete and publish.
  • All your comments will have transferred, attached to the diaries to which they were made, along with their recommends and HRs.
  • All the Recommends and HRs you have given transferred, whether on diaries or comments.
  • Your Blogroll transferred, if you had one set up.
  • Your Hotlist transferred.
  • Your "Subscribe" list (also called "Diary watchlist") will have transferred, and will now be called your "Following" list.

What did not transfer

Diaries that were deleted on Daily Kos before the move will not be transferring. Deleted diaries are inaccessible, but sometimes their comments can be found — comments on Daily Kos cannot be deleted or edited — either through old links given in other diaries, or by showing up in Search because the comment indices have not been regenerated since the diary's deletion. If the indices had been regenerated, the index creation process would have skipped over the deleted diary, so its comments would not be included.

Since all the comment indices are being generated fresh in the new site, no comments from deleted diaries will be included in these indices, and thus will be invisible to Search. Their disappearance, long delayed, is finally being made permanent.

Preparing for DK4

It's here. If you're not prepared yet, explore the site, read a little more of this FAQ, and get acquainted.

DK4 Beta

The DK4 development project has just launched under the new software at The DK4 Beta site was closed for good at around 1am eastern on February 13, 10pm Pacific on February 12. (It was known to be down at 1:09am, but could have been shut down any time within the previous half hour.)

Anything created during the DK4 beta has been lost now that the beta has ended: diaries created there (as opposed to transferred during beta from Daily Kos to DK4), comments written there, even accounts created there for test purposes. The sole exception is some of the tag definitions and information.

What Remains the Same

To be written.

What Has Changed?

Many things have changed. Most obviously, the front page looks different. Some things have moved around, and some are new (see Where to Find things on DK4 for information on where things have moved to, and brief explanations on the new things).

Some things work differently. Checking out who the people are who recced your comment, for example. You click on the numeric ratings to open…but where's the red square with the "x" in it to close it? You don't need the red square: just click on the numeric ratings again, and it closes. The same thing for the "Dairy Recommended By" header bar, which replaces the old "View Recommenders" link, which had its own red square. You can click anywhere on the header bar to open, and anywhere to close again. No need to move over to the stylized plus or minus button at the right end of the bar. (If you want to close any of the other lists below it, click on the list's header bar; click again to reopen.)

Another difference is in using asterisks for bolding, underscores for italics, and hyphens for strikeouts. Here's how they've changed:

  • Asterisks require that they be around entire words, not just single characters at the beginning of words. So *It* will work, but *I*t will not. Punctuation immediately following a word can be inside or outside of the asterisks.
  • Underscores, like asterisks, must be around entire words.
  • Hyphens no longer work for strikeout. Use the <s> command instead: <s>strike-out characters</s> will turn into strike-out characters.

As I've mentioned before, changing your sig will not change your sig on old comments. Your sig only affects new comments as you write them. Once the comment is published with your sig on it, that sig stays with that comment permanently.

If you haven't visited it already, go see your Profile page. It's one click away: on every Daily Kos page, as long as you're logged in, there's a "Welcome Back" box in the right column under the top menu; if you click on your username in that box, you're taken right to your profile page. Lots of great information there. You can also get there from clicking on My Page and then the Profile submenu that appears just below it. Or you can click on your name in any comment you've written to go straight there. As with the previous version of Daily Kos, there are usually multiple ways to get where you want to go.

Note: this section will be expanded at a later time.

Where to Find things on DK4

Almost all the features on the old Daily Kos before its recent shutdown will exist on DK4. They just aren't all in the same place. Here's a quick list of those Daily Kos features as they were on DK3 and links to information about where to find them and what, if anything, has changed:

  • Front Page Blog — kos and the rest of the Daily Kos crew
  • Previous Main Menu — Menus of links: Search, Hotlist, and much, much more
  • Diary Pages — what you'd find when you opened a regular diary on the current Daily Kos, and where it is on DK4.
  • Your Blog Page — this is where you go if you click on [username]'s Page in the right column's top menu on the current Daily Kos, where "[username]" is your own Daily Kos username, and where all that information can be found on DK4.

In addition, there are many features that have been added to DK4. These are as follows (sections to be added):

  • Front Page
    • Community Spotlight — the old Diary Rescue, updated in real time: six diaries can appear at a time. (The same Community Spotlight, ten diaries long, appears under the Recommended list on the People, Groups, Diaries, Tags, and Search pages.)
    • Feature box — highlights (features) a diary or two, selected by the Daily Kos editors
    • Welcome Back box — a quick menu of most of the things you might want to do
    • Recently Rec'd list — all the recent diaries that have received at least one Recommend by a Trusted User
    • Hot Tags list — tags that are being added to the most diaries at the present time
  • My Page
    • My Diaries — all your diaries, listed like a blog from the present for a single page (Blog View), or in a list back to the very beginning (List View); also links to create a new diary and to your diary drafts
    • My Stream — a list of recent diaries by users, groups, and tags that you've subscribed to
    • My Groups — those groups you write for. You can also create a new group if you're a Trusted User
    • Following — manage your lists of people, groups, and tags you're following, plus your Hotlisted Diaries and your Blogroll
    • Comments
      • My Comments — your most recent comments, listed 30 per page
      • My Recent Replies — the replies made to your comments within the past two days (48 hours).
      • My Comment Ratings — the comments you've most recently recommended and hidden, listed 30 per page
    • Messages (the "Message Center" link, when you see one, will also take you here)
      • Inbox — messages you've received, either directly to you or to one of your groups
      • Sent — messages you've sent to other people
      • User Messages — messages you've sent and received, but not involving one of your groups
      • Group Messages — messages sent or received as part of your groups
      • Blocked — A list of users you've blocked from messaging: people you don't allow to send you messages
      • New Message — write a new message: this can be to one or more individual users, or to one of your groups.
    • Profile — all about your personal Daily Kos account
      • My Profile — your profile page; very useful
      • Edit Profile — edit your profile; you can change just about everything about your
      • My Subscription — this shows your Daily Kos subscription status; if you don't have a subscription, you can buy one by the month, year, or forever.
  • People — general information about your fellow Kossacks
  • Groups — information about existing groups: names, descriptions, etc.
  • Diaries — information about published diaries, and the ever-popular Recent Diaries list.
  • Tags — information about diary tags

Front Page Blog

The contents of the front page blog is still be on the left-hand side of the Daily Kos front page under DK4, only a bit further down. Between the logo and the start of the blog are a horizontal menu and search box, and then the Community Spotlight, which is the old Diary Rescue, though diaries are added to it at any time, day or night, rather than only appearing all at once late in the evening.

Users can adjust the number of posts that appear on the front page by editing their Profile. The maximum number used to be 25, you can make it higher if you want. The higher that number is, the longer your browser page will be.

Previous Main Menu

On Daily Kos (DK3) until the switchover, in the right-hand column under the "The State of the Nation" header, you could see a series of orange bars with headers in them; under each bar was an area of white background with one link per line. The section headers were:

  • Menu — Home, your page, Diaries, dKosopedia, Search, and Login/Logout
  • About — About the site, Advertising, Contact Us, Daily Kos Store, FAQ, and Candidates (on ActBlue)
  • Tools — New Diary Entry, Hotlist, Hide/Show Ads (if a Subscriber), Hidden Comments (if a Trusted User)
  • Diary Drafts — lists any unpublished diaries you'd started work on
  • Recommended Diaries — the top eight
  • Recent Diaries — the most recent Diaries posted (maximum of 50)
  • DailyKos Feeds
  • Blogroll — other blogs that Daily Kos links to

The above links will list all of the DK3 menu items,


This DK3 section had six items:

  1. Home on old Daily Kos maps to DK4's Home at the left side of the line of menu links under the "Daily Kos" banner. Click on it to take you back to the home page if you're on some other page. If you're already on the home page, it will refresh the page for you. You can also click on the "Daily Kos" banner itself (to the left of the flag) to get to the home page.
  2. [username]'s Page maps to a few places on DK4. To get the closest equivalent—your Diary list with other menu links/tabs—look on the right side of the page below the Feature box for a "Welcome Back [username]" box, and click on Diaries in that box (which takes you to My Page, the My Diaries submenu). Other options include clicking on the [username] in that "Welcome Back" box, which goes to your Profile page (My Page, Profile submenu) and from which you can click on "My Diaries", or click on My Page, which is second from the left in the menu under the "Daily Kos" header, which will initially display your My Stream listing (My Page, My Stream submenu), but from which you can redirect to "My Diaries".
  3. Diaries maps most closely to DK4's Diaries, which is the fifth of six menu links under the "Daily Kos" banner. By default, it takes you to a "list view" of the most recent Daily Kos diaries: each entry has a diary link (that, when moused over, will display the first couple of lines of the diary), author link, date/time posted, number of comments, number of recs, and number of people who have hotlisted the diary. There is no "blog view" of the Recent Diaries feature, which is what Daily Kos has now, though they are planning to implement one in the future.
  4. DKosopedia maps indirectly to DK4's top menu's FAQ link or the Frequently Asked Questions link way down at the very bottom of the page below the double black lines, to the right of the copyright notice, on the second line headed About. Once there on the FAQ page, you have to click either on the blue picture at the upper left, or on the "Main Page" link just below it, to get to the main page of the dKosopedia. (Note: this may or may not change before DK4 is released. It's odd that there is no direct link to the dKosopedia in DK4, especially as the "Post a Comment" Help button information explains how to link a term directly to its dKosopedia entry.)
  5. Search maps to the right side of the line of menu links below the "Daily Kos" banner (actually, it's under "The State of the Nation"), with the search term going in the textbox and the "Go" button taking you to the search page. Whatever is in the textbox will be pre-filled on the search page, where you can select between Diaries, Comoments, Users, Groups, and Tags searches. At the present time, both the Diaries and Comments searches are still under construction.
  6. Login/Logout map to the top orange bar on the page. If you're not logged in, the new Log In (now two words) will appear second from the right end; the new Log Out' will be on the right end of the bar.


This section has six items, and they all map on DK4 to the section at the very bottom of the page below the double black lines, to the right of the copyright notice:

  1. About (yes, the same term is used in the menu header and the first item) maps on DK4 to the Masthead entry in the About line. It's on the second line. Note that the History and Writers links currently take you to subheadings on the overall About page below the masthead.
  2. Advertising maps on DK4 to the Advertising Overview entry in the new Advertise menu line. It's on the third line, along with other advertising links.
  3. Contact Us maps on DK4 to the General Inquiries entry in the new Contact menu line. It's on the fifth and last line. DK4 has added a new Media Inquiries selection on this line.
  4. Daily Kos Store maps on DK4 to the Store menu line. It's on the fourth line; at the moment, the only link on that line is Shirts.
  5. FAQ maps to the Frequently Asked Questions link, on the second line headed About. It also maps to the top menu's FAQ link, to the left of the Search box.
  6. Candidates maps to the Candidates link, on the second line headed *About*. This is currently a link to the 2008 ActBlue Daily Kos "Orange to Blue" page; at some point it will presumably be updated to the 2012 version of this page.


The section has up to four items, depending on whether you're a subscriber and/or a Trusted User:

  1. New Diary Entry maps to a number of places. Two of these:
    1. In your Welcome back box, under Diaries, click New
    2. From My Page, the My Diaries submenu, click Create New Diary
  2. Your Hotlist has three distinct sections on Daily Kos now:
    1. The top section, "[username's] Hotlist", maps on DK4 to My Page, the Following submenu, and its Hotlisted Diaries sub-submenu
    2. The second section, "Diary watchlist", is now (on DK4) part of your My Stream list: all the diaries appear in chronological order there, including those on your watchlist of people you've subscribed to, which is now those people you're Following). The list of people can be found on your profile page: it's the "Following" list in the lefthand column there. You can also get to it by going to My Page, the Following submenu, and its People sub-submenu
    3. The third section, "New replies", maps on DK4 to My Page, the Comments submenu, and its My Recent Replies sub-submenu, but in somewhat different form. What's listed is the replies made to your comments within the past two days (48 hours), but without regard to whether you've read the diary the comment's (and hence the reply) since then. At the moment, the list is sorted by how recent your original comments was, rather than how recently the reply was made, but it should be changed shortly to order by how recently the reply was made. There may be further enhancements to the function in the weeks ahead.
  3. Show/Hide Ads: This only shows if you are a subscriber, and have the option not to see ads. In your DK4 Welcome Back box it will either say Show Ads if you're currently hiding ads, or Hide Ads if you're currently showing ads.
  4. Hidden Comments: This only displays if you are a Trusted User. You can find it on DK4 in your Welcome Back box under Comments. Trusted Users have both a Recent Comments link and a Hidden Comments link, while users with less mojo will only see Recent Comments in that box.

Diary Drafts

While Daily Kos currently allows you to see Diary Drafts information on the front page, it isn't located there in DK4. It is, however, only a click or two away:

  1. In your Welcome back box, under Diaries, click Drafts
  2. From My Page, the My Diaries submenu, click Drafts

Recommended Diaries

This list can be found on DK4 in the same righthand column; it's now called Recommended, and lists the top twelve diaries rather than eight. Furthermore, there is a "Next" link under the list on the righthand side, that will show you the next twelve diaries, and you can proceed through the list twelve at a time. You can move back toward the present in the list by using the "Previous" link that appears starting on the second page of recommended diaries.

Recent Diaries

The Recent Diaries list is not on the DK4 front page; instead, you need to click on Diaries in the menu directly below the Daily Kos banner. This will show the 100 most recent diaries; you can hover over their titles to see the starting text of the diary.

The ten most recent diaries also appear in a Most Recent list on the right column of the People, Groups, Diaries, Tags, and Search pages. It's the fourth list down, underneath the Hot Tags list.

The front page has, instead, a fifty-diary Recently Rec'd list. This is a version of the Recent Diaries list that only shows those diaries that have received at least one Recommend from a Trusted User.

DailyKos Feeds

I have no idea where this has gone (if it exists at all) or how feeds work. I can't see it on the DK4 front page. Sorry.


The Daily Kos blogroll is in the new very orange Table of Contents section near the bottom of the front page on DK4, between the final front-page diary and the "Browse Tags" section. It's in the third and fourth columns (the two on the right half of the box).

Diary Pages

The old diary pages and the ones under DK4 are quite similar, but there are some differences. Here's an analysis of your typical diary page, and where everything can be found on DK4:

  • The Daily Kos logo, on the left-hand side of the page. On a diary page, the flag appears in the middle of the banner line, but instead of "Daily Kos", which is now only on the narrow orange bar above the main banner, the diarist's blog name appears. This may be the same as the diarist's username, but it could be a fancy blog title instead, set in the user's profile. This title links to the diarist's blog page.
  • The diary itself, also on the left-hand side of the page. From top to bottom, the elements include (listed one line at a time):
    • The diary title. On DK4, this is listed second, after the publication time. The title is followed by a gray Hotlist icon now, but on DK4 there's both a Hotlist icon (orange rather than gray) and a Recommend Diary icon (an orange star).
    • authorship credit: it was "by [username]" with a "Subscribe" link after it; on DK4 it's "by [username]" followed by the "Follow" (orange heart) icon (which works like "Subscribe" does). If this diary was published to a group by the diarist, it will add "for" and then the name of that group. For example, "by sardonyx for Top Comments".
    • To the right of the authorship credit have been various non-DKos ways to link to the diary: Share via a number of social networking sites, Tweet, or do a Facebook recommendation. On DK4, these will be moved to their own line on the next line down.
    • The date and time of publication (moved on DK4 to above the diary title).
    • The diary text.
    • A tags list, plus an "Add/Edit Tags" link and a "Previous Tags" link. In DK4, "Add/Edit" becomes "Edit", and the Previous Tags link is not offered. (It may be offered at some point in the future.)
    • A gray box with two lines in it:
      • Permalink link, number of comments, Post a Comment link, and an Autorefresh check box. The first three are available in DK4 just above the first comment in the diary (or where that comment would be if one existed), though Post a Comment is first and Permalink last. The Autorefresh check box is in a block just above that on DK4, at the end of the final line there.
      • A selection of three radio buttons for Comments — Expand, Shrink, and Hide, with an "Always" check box — and a separate additional set of radio buttons, "Indented" and "Flat", also with an "Always" check box. In DK4, the block with the Autorefresh check box also has, at the beginning of that same line, the Expand, Shrink, and Hide radio buttons. The "Always" check box is temporarily unavailable, but will eventually be included in your "Edit Profile", since that's where you determine global behavior for the diaries you read. (For now, any change in Expand/Shrink/Hide will affect the next diary you open. You'll be starting on DK4 with whatever your "Always" behavior used to be.) The "Indented" and "Flat" selections are no longer available; diary comments are only displayed in indented format.
    • The comments section.
    • A Permalink link, the number of comments in the diary, and Post a Comment link. In DK4, the number of comments in the diary is not displayed here, and Post a Comment is listed to the left of the Permalink.
  • The right-hand column, under "The State of the Nation", which is very similar to the old front page in what it has there, so those linked descriptions on how it compares to DK4 still apply:
    • Menu — Home, your page, Diaries, dKosopedia, Search, and Login/Logout
    • Tools — New Diary Entry, Hotlist, Hide/Show Ads (if a Subscriber), Hidden Comments (if a Trusted User)
    • Diary Drafts — lists any unpublished diaries you've started work on
    • Recommend Diary/Diary Recommended/Diary Unrecommended: This section, which changes its name depending on whether you have not yet recommended the diary, have recommended the diary, or have recommended and then unrecommended the diary, has split up in DK4 as follows:
      • Recommend button/Unrecommend button/no entry at all: this button has moved to two places on DK4: the orange star after the diary title, and the "Recommend" link followed by the same orange star at the bottom of the diary. If the orange star is checked, the diary is recommended. If it is not, the diary is not recommended. To Unrecommend a diary, click on the checked star. As always, once you unrecommend a diary, you may not change your mind and recommend it again. Note that under DK4 you can recommend front-page diaries. Like all diaries you recommend, they will appear on your Recommended By [username] list, but never on the main front-page Recommended list.
      • View Recommenders: on DK4 this is now called Diary Recommended By, and is the first orange-bar header in the righthand column.
    • [username]'s Blogroll: this used to only appear if the diarist actually has a blogroll. On DK4, it will appear regardless, as the last of the orange-bar header lists in the righthand column, though the contents will state "No current results" if the diarist has not created a blogroll. If it's your blogroll, it will also include an "Edit blogroll" link at the bottom of the list.
    • Follow: this is a box that lets you "Like" Daily Kos on Facebook, or "Follow" Daily Kos on Twitter. I have no idea where this exists on DK4, but hope, now that "follow" is being used for other purposes on DK4, if it is added it uses a different header to avoid confusion.
  • At the bottom of the page is a Sitemeter icon/link, a link to the Daily Kos homepage, and various indicia and information. Most of this information can be found on the lefthand side of the very bottom of every DK4 page.

Your Blog Page

You have to be logged in to see all the features on this page, and for you to be able to get there by the means discussed below. There are two quick options on DK4:

  • On the righthand side, under the Feature box, is another box that says Welcome back [username]. If I click on my username, it takes me to my page, with the submenu Profile selected, and below it the new My Profile information showing.
  • At the top of the page under the big Daily Kos header with the new flagger are six important links—Home, My Page, People, Groups, Diaries, and Tags, plus an unlabeled Search box that says Go next to it. Click on the My Page link. That takes me to my page with the next-line "My Stream" showing.

Here's how your old Daily Kos page—with Diary, Comments, Ratings, Subscription, Drafts, Blogroll, Recs, and My Profile—compares to your DK4 page (note: I'm using mixed case for DK4 even when it's all caps for easier reading):

  1. Diary maps to DK4's My Diaries in its Blog View submenu selection. This retains the blog look of your own Daily Kos diaries. List View offers a set of links to your diaries; you can mouse over these links to get a look at the first sentence or so of each diary. List View also offers these diaries 100 per page, so you can see more at a time.
  2. Comments maps to DK4's Comments in its My Comments submenu selection. It shows you 30 per page, with most recent comment first. It no longer offers a search screen along with it (though this may come later), but it will tell you how many comments you've written since you joined Daily Kos. (The beta shows totals that only include comments made as of late May, plus any added in the course of the beta.)
  3. Ratings maps to DK4's Comments in its My Comment Ratings submenu selection. It oddly doesn't tell you what your rating was, a 4 (Recommend) or a 0 (Hide). I'm hoping that the actual rating or rating number given will be added to the display before too long.
  4. Subscription maps to DK4's Profile in its My Subscription submenu selection. It tells you if you are a subscriber, and if so, when that subscription expires, if ever. Note that anyone who is a subscriber will have circular bronze version of the flag guy displayed between their Mojo graph and their UID and join date in the lefthand box at the top of their profile. (Other icons that can appear there include a "TU" blue ribbon, a red-and-white life preserver indicating that this is one of the people who rescues diaries for the Community Spotlight, and a silver Beta indicating one of the major beta testers.)
  5. Drafts maps to DK4's My Diaries in its Drafts submenu selection. As in the old Daily Kos, you can also get to Drafts from the righthand Menu (in DK4's "Welcome Back") box: Diaries is at the top; choose the Drafts link.
  6. Blogroll maps to DK4's Following in its Blogroll submenu selection.
  7. Recs, which showed the diaries you recommended, remains dependent on your Profile. To allow these to be seen, go to Profile in its Edit Profile submenu selection, and look under Display Preferences for Share diary recommends you've made: set it to "on" if you want people to be able to see it, and "off" if you don't. If you set it to "on", I think the recs will appear on your Profile page for people to see, though I'm not positive if they do so, or whether they appear elsewhere.
  8. My Profile in the old Daily Kos would show your current profile in sections, but in an editable format more like the DK4 Profile page in its Edit Profile submenu selection, thought that's displayed in DK4 as a single page, rather than several separate pages as used to be. To update your DK4 avatar picture, use the "choose file" button on your DK4 Edit Profile page to browse to an image file on your computer, then click the "save" button at the bottom of the Edit Profile page. Don't panic if your avatar picture doesn't change immediately; sometimes it takes several minutes. It is NOT necessary to upload your avatar pic from an image hosting site (like flickr); it can be uploaded directly from your computer to your DKos4 profile.


The People page gives you general information about your fellow Kossacks. It offers five ordered lists on the entire membership of Daily Kos, one 100-user page at a time. You can, of course, click on any username to see that person's profile. The four columns after Last Diary are Number of Diaries, Number of Comments, Number of Followers, and Mojo. (An infinity sign under Mojo means the person is a Contributing Editor, a site developer, or someone higher up on the food chain. Featured Writers do not have infinite mojo, with the exception of Bill in Portland Maine, who is Special.) What would be very nice is to have numbers at the top and bottom of the page for all of the lists, at least, to let you know where in the list you are.

  1. Most Recommended: this is the default, and gives you a list of the Most Recommended Authors. I'm guessing that this means authors who have received the most diary recommendations since they joined, rather than comment recs.
  2. Frequent This Month: This tells you who has published the most diaries in the past month (the header reads: "most frequent authors this month").
  3. Most Prolific: This is who's written the most diaries ever. Again, it's mostly front page to start, but jotter and teacherken have slipped into the top twelve.
  4. Most Followed: This lists who has the most followers around here. Mostly, that means who has the most subscribers on the current Daily Kos, and will show up in the most Streams on DK4.
  5. Highest Mojo: This is based on the new DK4 mojo calculation. Having "infinite" mojo, as most of the front-pagers do, doesn't count here, interestingly enough; the first person with that infinity sign doesn't show up until the second page. However, there are over a thousand usernames with five-bar mojo in the beta.


Groups are collections of one or more people who want to collaborate on a topic or idea and publish diaries about this topic under the auspices of a group. As a group can gain readers and followers just as a single diarist can, this helps build an audience for all the group's publications, regardless of the individual author. Groups can also republish diaries written by others that are related to their topic.

The Group menu page lists all the groups that have been created in four ways, twenty groups per page. The default is Most Recent, the groups most recently created. Others include Most Followed (the groups that have the most followers), "Most Active This Month" (presumably most active in the past 30 days, but it's unclear what "activity" involves), and "Most Prolific", which is in order of the total diaries published (or republished) by that group on Daily Kos.

If you are a Trusted User, you can create a group, which can be found on this same menu page in a link to the right of the "Groups" header: Create New Group. Once the group is created, you can invite other Daily Kos users, whether they are Trusted Users or not, to join in writing for the group's blog or managing the group, and suggesting diaries for republication to the group's blog.

If you're interested in how groups work, please see the What are Groups? section of this document for more information.


Diaries are blog posts created by a single user or by a user in collaboration with a group. The Diaries page gives information about published diaries, from what was recently published, to diaries which have been noted by the community in some way.

The default and basic list everyone knows from the current Daily Kos is the Recent Diaries list. This is like the Recent Diaries section on the front page, with a little extra information, and the ability to mouse over a diary title and preview its first line or two. There is no "blog-like view" for Diaries at the moment, though it is being considered for eventual addition: it is available on the current Daily Kos right-column Menu section, under "Diaries".

What's new are twelve lists of diaries. They come in three categories:

  • Most Recommended: which diaries got the most total Recommends
  • Most Commented: which diaries had the most comments made to them
  • Most Hotlisted: which diaries were most added to people's hotlists

Within those three categories, you have four time intervals with which to examine which diaries got the most Recommends, Comments, or Hotlist inclusions:

  • Today: from now going back exactly 24 hours
  • This Week: from now to exactly a week ago from now, or 168 hours
  • This Month: from now to a month before now, which I've seen to be at least 29+ days, but can't guarantee it counts back 30 or 31 days depending on which month it is
  • All Time: from now back to the moment Daily Kos started on Scoop software, beginning on October 13, 2003. Note that clicking on any of the three All Time selections will take a very long time to return, and may cause an error.


This page offers Most Popular Tags in the Today (the default display for the page), This Week, This Month, and All Time periods, and also a Most Followed Tags selection.

Below your selected list (one of the above five), there's a list of the Daily Kos "Browse Tags" (the same list as appears at the bottom of all Daily Kos web pages), all of which can be followed by clicking on the hearts, and a section to "Find Tags by Type" (such as "Election", "Media", "Diary Series", etc.). I imagine both browse tags list and tag types list will expand somewhat as time goes on, and we find the need for more tags to highlight and more categories of tags.

Individual Tags

If you select a tag, either from the Tags page or from a Hot Tags list or from a tag at the end of a diary, you will go to that tag's page. (Every tag has a page, with a URL of A tag page has a lot of information on it. This includes:

  • The tag name, with a heart next to it. If you click on the heart, you'll be following it, meaning that all diaries with that tag will appear in your stream.
  • The number of entries: this tells you how many diaries use this tag.
  • A tag description, if one has been written.
  • Six ways to view information about the tag:
  1. Most Recent: the most recent diaries that used this tag. This is the default, and is displayed from most to least recent.
  2. Current Rec'd: the most recently recommended diaries for this tag, in reverse chronological order. The list may, like the "Recently Rec'd" list on the front page, require at least one Trusted User recommendation before a diary can appear here.
  3. All Time Rec'd: the most highly recommended diaries for this tag, listed in descending order starting with the diary that has the most recs.
  4. Best of Tag: This would appear to be an editor-selected list of diaries with this tag, but how a diary is selected has not yet been revealed.
  5. Prolific Authors: This lists the people who have written diaries using this tag, from the person who has written the most diaries using it, in order down to the person who has written the fewest (but at least one diary). This gives author information such as the date of the last diary written with this tag, the total number of diaries written with this tag, and the number of the author's followers and the author's mojo.
  6. Recommended Authors: This may be who's gotten the most total diary recommends in the diaries they've written with this tag, but that's just a guess. It uses the same columns as Prolific Authors.

Other DK4 FAQs

The list of questions will be added to (and answered) as time allows:

  • How many diaries can I write?

Under DK4, there is no limit to the number of diaries the site will let you publish in a single day. It's up to you to determine what your audience is looking for, and how much content they will welcome.

  • How is mojo determined?

Mojo will now have many more factors than are used on the current Daily Kos site, including those for site engagement, writing diaries, and being a part of the community. See kos's Mojo and DK4 article for full details.

  • How does my diary get on the Recommended list?

Many people need to Recommend it. The exact number varies, and the more recent a rec is, the more it counts: recs "decay" in value over time, and they initially decay more quickly than later. There are 12 slots on the front-page Recommended list, and diaries are polled every few minutes to get their latest "score". The top 12 scores are shown on the front page, and you can click on "Next" to see those next in line. Only recommends made in the first 24 hours the diary is posted will count toward the diary's score.

  • How does the Recently Rec'd list work?

All recently published diaries are eligible for this list, but only those that have received at least one Recommend from a Trusted User — a user who is at Mojo Level 3 or above — will be listed. The diaries are listed in strict chronological order, most recently published first, 50 at a time. Click on Next to see the next 50, and so on.

  • How can I see all the Recent Diaries, not just the Recently Rec'd ones?

In the top menu under the site banner (the one that starts with "Home" on the left edge), there's a Diaries entry. Click on that. The Diaries page appears, with a list of the most recent 100 diaries given. Point your mouse at a diary title to cause the first sentence or two appear.

What are Groups?

Groups are collections of Daily Kos users who have come together to speak as a collective voice. Groups can be organized around a specific topic, or simply be people who like to collaborate. Groups can include diaries that are written by the group, individually and working together, and also diaries that group members have found on Daily Kos and want to highlight.

How is a Group Started?

One or more people get the idea for a group and decide to start it. The person who actually sets up the group must be a Trusted User, and is called the "founder".

The main Groups page available from the front page menu and a user's own My Groups page both display a Create New Group link to Trusted Users only. It doesn't matter from which page you start: click on the "Create New Group" link. You will be taken to the "Create a New Group" page.

Creating a Group

There are three fields you need to fill out to create a group:

  • Group Username — this is the name the system knows you by. It will appear in your "See More By" box, in the web URL, and in your group's Admin box. This name is permanent.
  • Group Name — this is your group's "display" name, it's blog name: it will appear in the blog's "banner" to the left of the Daily Kos flag, in the header of any diary published directly to the group (by username for Group Name), in users' lists of Groups they're in or Groups they're following, etc. It will be confusing if the Group Username and Group Name are not the same, or at least similar (for example, the Username being shorter than the Name).
  • Description — this should describe what your group is and does. Be concise; too long and people's eyes will glaze over. The text will be shown as part of your group's listing in the various lists on the Groups page, and also in the group's "See More By" box when its blog page is displayed.

Once these are filled out to your satisfaction — the Group Name and Description can be edited later, if desired — click the Save New Group box. Assuming that your Group Username is not already used by another group or user account, your group will be created, and you'll be ready to start work on it.

Finding Groups

There are two ways to participate in groups: reading them, and writing for them. Before that, of course, you have to find the group: go to the Groups page, and look through the lists, or use Group search (currently under development) to help you find likely groups. You can also look for certain tags to see who's writing about those things, and see if any are being published as part of groups.

Once you find a group name, click on it. This will take you to their home page, which includes their blog. You can read the blog then and there, but you can also do more.

Note: You can see who the members are in a group by clicking on the Members menu item on their home page.

Reading Group Diaries

If you want to add a group to your Stream, so the group's new diaries always show up there, look at the top of the right column on the group's home page, where there's a box that says See More By [groupname]. Underneath the group's name is an orange heart with the word "Follow" next to it. Click on the heart or word, and the heart will be checked. That's it; you're following the group. To stop following the group, click on the checked heart (or word), and it will uncheck itself. Voila.

Writing for Groups

If you wish to write for the group, you can always ask to join. Send the group a message by clicking on Send New Message in their home page's "See More By" box. This takes you to a page with a message box that has the name of the group already filled in. Type your message, then click on Send to send it.

They may say yes, or they may say no. Groups are new, and likely people will be feeling their way as they start. If they say yes, you may find out by getting a message from a member of the group containing an invitation to join the group. Be sure to click on the "accept" link in the message; that's what completes the invitation process.

DK4 Page Descriptions

For want of a better category, here's material on what some of the new pages look like. They may be similar to the old pages or not, but in case a line by line description helps, here it is.

DK4 Diary Pages

Under DK4, when you click on a diary title in one of the lists in the right column of the page, or in your stream, or on the Diaries page, the diary will display. Here are the elements of those pages.

  • The top orange bar, with Daily Kos logo and login/logout links.
  • The banner, which has the title of the diarist's blog to the left of the flag. It may be the diarist's username, or it may be a completely different title, depending on what that user has chosen. To the right of the flag will be "a Daily Kos Community Site", which is used for all diary pages except for front-page stories, which will still display the Daily Kos logo and "The State of the Nation".
  • The horizontal main menu row and Search box
  • The diary itself, on the left-hand side of the page. From top to bottom, the elements include (listed one line at a time):
    • The date and time of publication
    • The title of the diary, followed by the Hotlist (white plus in orange circle) and Recommended (orange star) icons.
    • The diarist's username, followed by the "Follow" (orange heart) icon. If this diary was published to a group by the diarist, it will add "for" and then the name of that group. For example, "by sardonyx for Top Comments".
    • The various ways to link to the diary: Share via a number of social networking sites, Tweet, or do a Facebook recommendation.
    • Permalink diary link and the number of comments (and which are new), with the Comment link taking you directly to the first comment after the end of the diary.
    • The diary text.
    • Original post information.
    • Recommend link plus its icon, Hotlist link plus its icon, and Republish icon plus its icon (a clockwise circular arrow).
    • a double black line, separating the diary section from the comments section.
    • a Comment Preferences box, allowing you to have your comments Expand, Shrink, or Hide; you can also decide whether your comments section should Auto Refresh or not.
    • a horizontal menu allowing you to Post a Comment (at the left margin), telling you how many comments the diary already has, and giving a Permalink to the diary.
    • The comments section
    • a final horizontal menu allowing you to Post a Comment (at the left margin), and giving a Permalink to the diary.
  • The boxes and lists section in the right-hand column, consisting of:
    • A box about the diarist, labeled See More By. You can follow the diarist so all that user's diaries appear in your stream, see the diarist's mojo level, the diarist's "bio" and any other information released in his or her profile (such as a Twitter address), and click links to their diaries, stream, and comments. You can also send the diarist a direct message. If you're the diarist, this will be your full Welcome Back box.
    • Diary Recommended By menu. This starts out closed; click anywhere on the bar to open and again to reclose. This shows who has recommended the diary, like the "View Recommenders" link in the old Daily Kos.
    • Recommended By [Diarist] menu: this starts out open shows the ten diaries most recently recommended by the diarist. These are in the order that the recommendation was made, not the order in which the diaries themselves were published. You can use the "Next" link under the lower right edge of the menu to see the next ten diaries recommended, and continue going back in time by hitting Next again and again.
    • [username]'s Tags menu: this lists all the tags, in alphabetical order, that the diarist is following.
    • [username]'s Blogroll: this lists links to blogs the diarist thinks are important to read (and is reading).
    • Recent Activity box: it's new; you can try it out to see whether it's useful. (I haven't.)
  • At the bottom of the page, the two things that appear on every page:
    • the Browse Tags menu: click on a tag to find out about it and the diaries that use it.
    • the site indicia, copyright, and horizontal menus containing related sites, information about the site, site advertising, the site store, and site contact information.

Terms and Definitions

This section will have some new terms, as well as existing terms already in the regular Daily Kos FAQ, but that changes in DK4 have required updates (or massive changes) to these definitions.

Trusted User

Trusted Users are members of Daily Kos who participate in the site to a significant degree, and have gained a certain level of "mojo" for that participation. The types of participation eligible for mojo have increased under DK4, though the exact formula is secret, and is tweaked from time to time.

Members need to have had an account on Daily Kos for a certain minimum period (traditionally three months), and contributing to the community through some or all of the following actions:

  • writing diaries or comments,
  • recommending diaries or comments
  • garnering recommendations for their writing
  • following writers and/or groups

Mojo in some of the above categories diminishes after your level of activity diminishes. There is also mojo given for longevity (how long your account has been around), and it increases modestly as the years pass.

There are a number of ways to tell whether you're a Trusted User:

  • You have at least three bars of Mojo.
  • Your Profile page, on the left side, shows a blue "T.U." starburst under your mojo bar display.
  • You can Hide comments if you want, in addition to being able to Recommend them.
  • The "Edit tags for this story" link is offered after the tags in all diaries.

Trusted Users are allowed to Hide comments, Edit Tags, and Create Groups. In addition, a Recommend from a Trusted User makes a diary eligible for the front page's "Recently Rec'd" list.

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