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The Honolulu City Council passed a bill that set deadlines for curbside recycling in the county. The Hannemann administration has been balking at starting curbside recycling of items other than green waste because of the cost.

A bill to have Waimanalo Gulch landfill, the sole landfill for the island of Oahu, close on May 1, 2008 passed the Honolulu City Council but was vetoed by Mayor Hannemann in February 2006, blunting the need to implement curbside recycling by the Hannemann administration.


Deadlines set by the City Council

  • By July 1, 2007, the administration must carry out curbside recycling that includes two of the following: glass containers, newspapers, plastic containers, green waste or food waste.
  • By July 1, 2008, the administration must have a program to pick up four of the five types of waste. [1]

Using HPower is a form of recycling?

In a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article dated August 26, 2006, Crystal Kua reported on the Hannemann administrations take on Bill 72 that was passed in February:

"When (the Council) put together that ordinance, they thought that in order to recycle like paper and plastic, the only way to recycle would be to separate them out ... and get them to someone who could recycle the paper and plastic to other paper products or other plastic products," said Eric Takamura, director of the city Department of Environmental Services. "But when we recycle by sending it to HPOWER and combusting it and using the heat to produce electricity, we had a discussion that because that is a form of recycling, we're already doing curbside recycling for (plastic and newspaper)."
Takamura said the city currently picks up a third recyclable item -- green waste -- curbside in a separate automated collection and turns it into compost, which also fulfills the law. Now to fully comply with the law, the city need only decide which of the remaining two items -- glass and food waste -- to pick up, and come up with a plan on how to do it by the 2008 deadline.
Djou said he believes the intent of the new law was to mandate separate curbside pickup for the four items for recycling.
"I don't think there was any misunderstanding when we passed this bill," Djou said, "so I think they're going back on it. What they're talking about here now is something entirely different of what we passed." [2]

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HPOWER and recycling

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Curbside recycling pilot program

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