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The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands in the South Pacific lying between Fiji and Tahiti. The nation has a total land area about 1.3 times that of the District of Columbia. The total population of the Cook Island Maori is 21,000, which makes it 5 times the population size of Waukon, Iowa and a fourth larger than that of Allamakee County, Iowa. The main industry in the Cook Islands is tourism; 70,000 tourists visit this paradise every year.



Discovered by Cook in 1770 they became a British protectorte in 1888 and assumed self-government in 1965 in free association with New Zealand.

List of Islands

  • Aitutaki
  • Atiu
  • Manihiki
  • Mangaia
  • Manuae
  • Mauke
  • Mitiaro
  • Nassau Island
  • Palmetston
  • Penrhyn
  • Pukapuka
  • Rakahanga
  • Rarotonga
  • Suwarrow
  • Takutea

Political Elites

  • Wilkie Rasmussen, Former High Commissioner to New Zealand

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