Conservatives: Every Man for Himself

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Original post on MPR new forum

Call to Action

Use this frame in all your postings. Point out whereever conservative arguments are consistent with "every man for himself". This includes a lot of conservative viewpoints: individual freedom, anti-tax, anti-welfare, "pulled up by his own bootstraps", gun-carry laws, etc.


The idea here is to point out that conservatives have a strong streak of independence in their positions, and that independence is at odds with civilized society. Civilization is actually a cooperative effort, where people agree to do things together for the benefit of all. "Every man for himself" points out the inherent selfishness and self-centeredness of the conservative position.

Using this frame forces people to choose between being conservative and being generous.

Points to make:

  • Conservatives blame people for their own problems.
  • Conservatives don't want to accept responsibility for social problems.
  • Conservatives prefer to think of themselves as independent and noble.
  • Many conservative viewpoints come down to the strength of the individual.
  • Many people need help to deal with real problems in their lives.
  • Every man for himself is basically anti-social.
  • Every man for himself is basically selfish and self-centered.


Inspired by George Lakoff's work on frames.

My father uses the phrase "self-servatives."

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