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Bold text The Conservative and Unionist Party (aka the Tories) is the major party in the coalition governing the UK since May 2010, under the leadership of David Cameron. Previous Conservative Prime Ministers in recent years have included Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Harold MacMillan, Edward (Ted) Heath.

In the US, the Conservative Party is a third party long active in New York state politics but now in marked decline. New York is home to several "fusion parties" that may run their own candidates under their party name of "cross-endorse" the candidates of other parties. That means a candidate can appear on multiple party lines on a ballot.

According to a November 25, 2005 article in The New York Times declining party membership (now only 155,000), infighting and competition from another cranky third parties may prevent the party from winning the 50,000 votes for governor in 2006 necessary to guarantee a place on the ballot for the subsequent 4 years. In the 1990 election the party won 827,614 votes but by the 2002 election it received only 176,848 votes. The current Conservative Party Chair is Michael R. Long.


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