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Conservapedia is a wiki founded by Andrew Schlafly the son of right wing harpy Phyllis Schlafly. A rapid glance about on certain hot button topics pulls up an extraordinary right wing junk of the sort you get from the likes of Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. Many articles read like parodies of the most extreme conservative positions rather than carefully reasoned articles.



They are into creationism. Many articles on Conservapedia include a "the Bible says" entry quoting the Bible on the subject, or promoting a creationist view referencing Noah's Ark in articles on animals. The article on evolution starts out OK, but then degenerates into a creationist rant.


Conservapedia features a great deal of criticism of Wikipedia, claiming among other things that Wikipedia's use of CE and BCE in place of AD and BC constitutes an anti-Christian bias. They also claim Wikipedia's use of British English rather than American English spellings is a sign of liberal bias.


RationalWiki has unearthed an old photograph showing that Andrew Schlafly and Barack Obama were at university together. Outsiders can only guess what tensions there may be due to that. Schlafly entered university as the son of a wealthy father and a successful mother. Quite possible people expected a great deal of him. Schlafly entered university as a member of a racial minority. The black man overcame prejudice and succeeded. The white man did not succeed any way as well. See Conservapedia:Barack Obama comparison. Andrew Schlafly is running a campaign against Obama. This campaign may embarrass Obama slightly but the unreason involved embarrasses the Republican Party more. Conservapedia was started up at roughly the time it became clear that Obama might run for president. This may or may not be coincidence.

Other topics

There seems to be a clear anti-Catholic bias: Shafley removed Catholic views on evolution in exchange for dispensationalist Baptist bilge.

The article on Judaism is a British Israelite (Herbert W. Armstrong et al.) tract. Googles suggest Phyllis Schlafly is indeed into this.

The work needs to be stalked and ridiculed, and held up to public scrutiny as a clear example of the distortions and lies consistently practiced by the American right.

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