Connecticut U.S. House election, 2006

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This article discusses the 2006 elections for the House of Representatives from Connecticut.


CT-01 candidates

CT-02 candidates

  • Incumbent: Rob Simmons (R) (hw) (cw)
  • Challenger: Joe Courtney (D) (cw)
  • Results: Courtney won a squeaker
  • Outlook: This is probably the most Democratic district in the country that has a Republican incumbent. Courtney outraised Simmons in Q1. Toss Up [1]
  • Daily Kos => CT-02

CT-03 candidates

CT-04 candidates

CT-05 candidates

  • Incumbent: Nancy Johnson (R) (hw) (cw)
  • Challenger: Chris Murphy (D) (cw)
  • Results: Murphy won 56-44%
  • Outlook: Kerry won this district in 2004, and Murphy has more than $350K cash on hand, but Johnson has a two million dollar war chest. CT's most republican district, but the mood is anti-Bush. Toss up [2].
  • Daily Kos => CT-05

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