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Connecticut, the 'constitution state', became the fifth state of the union on Jan. 9, 1788. Its capital is Hartford Connecticut's third largest city after Bridgeport and New Haven. Connecticut is part of the New England region and holds the distinction of being the wealthiest state in the country.

Ranked 29th in population, according to the 2000 census, with 3,405,565. Connecticut ranks 4th in population density.

Connecticut tends to vote Democratic for presidential and congressional elections. Connecticut has given its electoral votes to Democratic presidential candidates in the past four presidential elections. In 2004 election, John Kerry had a comfortable margin of 10 percentage points with 54.3% of Connecticut's popular vote. George W. Bush had only won Litchfield County at a small margin. Connecticut Republicans tend to be more liberal than their counterparts in many other states. The majority of Republican senators voted in favor of the civil unions bill, which passed the General Assembly, and was signed into law in 2005.

To date, 21 citizens of Connecticut have been killed in the War in Iraq.

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