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Location: New York, New York
Established: 1754

Grant Activity

From 1985-2003, grants totaling $3,742,887[1][2] from the John M. Olin Foundation supported the following activities at Columbia:

  • John M. Olin Faculty Fellowships:
  • John M. Olin Colloquium in Political Philosophy and John M. Olin Fellowships in Political Philosophy: $215,100 (1987-91)
  • John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics, under the direction of Victor Goldberg and Jeffrey N. Gordon: $2,834,455
  • John M. Olin Research Fellowships:
  • John M. Olin Speakers Program of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship Program: $155,000 (1986-89)
  • John M. Olin Visiting Professorships:
  • Teachers College, Educational Excellence Network, under the direction of Diane Ravitch: $85,000 (1985-86)

Other Grant Activity

From 1985-2002, additional grants totaling $3,753,939 were received by Columbia from the following organizations:

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