Colorado U.S. House election, 2006

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This article discusses the 2006 elections for the House of Representatives in Colorado.


CO-01 candidates:

CO-02 candidates:

CO-03 candidates:

CO-04 candidates:

  • Incumbent: Marilyn Musgrave (R) (hw) (cw)
  • Angie Paccione (D) (cw)
  • Eric Eidsness (Reform) (cw)
  • Results: Musgrave won 46-43-11%
  • Outlook: Musgrave won this district by 5 points in 2004, with the help of a strong Green campaign. Cook Report rating (10/6/06): change to Leans Republican from Likely Republican. [1]
  • External links:
    • McSwane, David. Poll puts Paccione ahead The Rocky Mountain Collegian, November 1, 2006.
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CO-05 candidates:

  • Incumbent: Joel Hefley (R) Retiring in 2006. **Open Seat**
  • Doug Lamborn (R) - State Senator, former State Representative. (senate website)
  • Jay Fawcett (D) (cw) (Fighting Dems)
  • Rich Hand (R/Write-In)
  • Gregory Hollister (R/Write-In)
  • Brian Scott (D/Write-In)
  • Unsuccessful Primary Candidates:
    • John Wesley Anderson (R) - former El Paso County Sherriff (cw)
    • Bentley Rayburn (R) - retired Air Force Maj. Gen.
    • Duncan Bremer (R) - former El Paso County Commissioner, and brother of Paul Bremer
    • Lionel Rivera (R) - Colorado Springs Mayor
    • Jeff Crank (R) - businessman
  • Results: Lamborn won 59-41%
  • Outlook: Lamborn (R), is an ally of James Dobson. During an amazing candidate's forum, both Rayburn and Bremer claimed that God had called them to run for Congress, meaning that at least one of them was mistaken. (Source: Daily Gazette) Retiring Rep. Hefley refused to endorse Lamborn, saying he ran "the most sleazy, dishonest campaign I've seen in a long, long time."
  • External links:
    • Poll: GOP candidate has lead in 5th District The Gazette, October 31, 2006.
    • Sealover, Ed. Accusations fly on caustic day in the 5th -- 2 want ads, endorsements pulled The Gazette, November 2, 2006.
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CO-06 candidates:

CO-07 candidates:

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