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War on terror
Crusade against Islam—George W. Bush, who heard it from God
War on Women
Not us, nuh-uh, we like women—in their place. We're doing all of this for their good.
Waste, fraud, and abuse
Government spending on the poor and minorities: funding of ACORN (since driven into bankruptcy) and its community organizers
White house watermelon patch postcard
OMG, he's Black!
White Supremacy
See Inartfully worded
Win-Win Solution
Heads the rich win, tails the rich win; "I'm not worried about the poor; they have a safety net."—Mitt Romney
Weapons of mass distraction—Project for the New American Century, especially Bill Kristol—made from weapons-grade bolonium (Futurama)
You are either with us or against us.—George W. Bush; You are either a Bible-believing, born-again Christian or a Godless, gritless Liberal bent on the destruction of everything good and true.—The Christian Right
"You lie!"
You lie, boy.—Spoken by Joe Wilson; translation by Maureen Dowd

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