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Edmund who?Project for the New American Century
What it says in our press releases—Sharron Angle, Stephen Colbert
No Child Left Behind
No Child's Behind Left—George W. Bush; If we can keep them sufficiently ignorant, God will take them all up in the Rapture.
No New Taxes
No social programs—Grover Norquist, President George H. W. Bush
North Korean
OMG, he's Black—Andrea Tantaros
No, we're not, and you can't make us.
Obama is a foreigner, Hitler, Stalin, the AntiChrist, etc
OMG, he's Black!
A Black witch doctor is going to be looking at your daughter down there!
Ayn Rand political/economic theory: Get yours, and the Devil take the hindmost.—Alan Greenspan
OMG, he's Black
And worse than that, he intends to be another Abraham Lincoln; The Sum of All Fears; Reparations and revenge
Oppressed minority
Rich White Christian males, particularly the Southern Aristocracy
Ordinary citizen
Lobbyist, campaign official, or Fox News employee
Original intent
In Constitutional law, slavery and exclusion of women and the poor from voting, as it was before those pesky Amendments about slavery, citizenship, applying the Bill of Rights to the states, Equal Protection of the Laws, and voting rights; The original intent of the Confederate constitution, which was nearly word-for-word identical with the US Constitution, except for explicitly protecting slavery, explicitly putting in God, providing a line-item veto (So that's where that came from!), but not specifying the God-given right of Secession of any Confederate state, which does not come from government. Because clearly that's what the Founding Fathers meant, not this Yankee tyranny.

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