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Loony Left 
Moderate Republicans like Former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell, especially if they are BlackRush Limbaugh
Magic of the market
"Rolls in, rolls in, my God, how the money rolls in, rolls in..."—Milton Friedman
Mainstream media
Fox! Well, the Wall Street Journal editorial page.
Mainstream of American thought
American exceptionalism; White Supremacy; unfettered corporate greed; religious intolerance
Media conspiracy
Actual reporting; Asking questions about positions published on a candidate's Web site or stated in a campaign speech—Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin
How health care should be run—Not by the government. Right?—RNC Chairman Michael Steele
Medicare Advantage
An advantage for the insurance companies, at considerable cost to taxpayers, with no medical benefit
OMG, he's Black!
Middle-East Peace Process
Armageddon, starting with Jews and Muslims wiping each other out—Christian Right
Democrat who can be conned into voting Republican; former Republican
Moderate Muslim
One who pretends that Islam is not fundamentally intolerant and violent
Eliminate, as in regulations, Social Security, Medicare...
OMG, he's Black—Rep. Roy Blunt
Moral relativism
You go to Hell!
National security
Keeping the world safe for kleptocracy
Bail out
Nazi (National Socialist)
Jewish, Black, who cares, as long as they're Democrats

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