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Great White Hope
Racist call for a White boxer to beat Jack Johnson, the first Black heavyweight boxing champion, in 1909; play and movie, both starring James Earl Jones; call for new leader of Republican Party in 2009—Rep. Lynn Jenkins See also Inartfully worded
Greatest country in the world, The
The United States—in the early 1950s, when Jim Crow was still the law, gays were firmly in the closet, abortion was illegal, and even most teenagers knew their place.
Habeas Corpus
In the Original Intent of the Founders, does not apply to riff-raff like Blacks and furriners
Health Care Plan, Republican
Don't get sick, but if you do, die quickly—Rep. Alan Grayson
Health Care providers
Health Care deniers—Frank Luntz, noted by Ralph Nader
Healthy Forests
No Tree Left Behind
High value detainee
Someone of high political value, someone we can torture a useful confession out of—Dick Cheney
Drug-using N*****-lover
Honest politician
One who stays bought
Plausible deniability
Human rights
Rights of corporations; Property rights. Well, guns, too.—Project for the New American Century, NRA
Human Rights come from God alone
Governments cannot grant Abortion or Gay rights. Those would be Human Wrongs.
Democrat ideas; Socialist central planning—Sen. John Cornyn R-TX; Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom
I don't recall/I don't remember
I could tell you, but then they'd have to Tea Party me.
Illegal immigrants
Immigrants; Natural-born Latino citizens; illegal, n. "A term used by descendents of European immigrants to refer to descendants of Indigenous Americans"—ricardomath on Daily Kos; children of illegal immigrants, if we can get rid of that pesky 14th Amendment birthright citizenship clause
Sex education—John McCain

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