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Focus on the Family
Focus on gay rights and abortionJames Dobson
Foreign Aid
Aid to US businesses, with whom the money must be spent. For example, military aid to support US contractors, or food aid to support US farmers. Also, loans to be stolen by corrupt officials so that countries will be under the thumb of foreign banks and currency speculators
Forget the Code Words
Let's get straight to lying—Rudy Giuliani, Meet the Press, 2009-Sep-06
Foundation; Solid, workable, commonsense and realistic
Only measures that preserve oil and coal company profits—US Chamber of Commerce on Climate Change bill
Founders, The
The slave-owning members of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention
Home of cowardly, elitist, cheese-eating surrender monkeys; enemies of Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood as defined here
Free and fair election
One that our candidate stole fair and square—Republican voter suppression legislators, governors, and voting officials
Free enterprise, free markets, free trade
In Voodoo Reaganomics, Free for corporations, not for actual persons—Milton Friedman
The right to deny the humanity of other people, while asserting it of corporations. See Libertarian, unReal unAmerican.
Freedom of speech, and of the press
When I want to hear your opinion, I'll tell it to you.
Gay agenda, the
The End of Civilization as We Know It—The Christian Right, leading us to Armageddon and the Rapture, thank you very much—No, no, straight to Hell!
Democratic, even if you taught Sunday school—Elizabeth Dole ad against Kay Hagan
Golden Rule, the
1) He who has the gold makes the rules. 2) Do unto others before they can do unto you. 3) Expect others to do unto you as you have done unto them. OMG, he's Black!
Gotcha question
Question not pre-approved by the candidate
Incompetent. Here, let us demonstrate that for you.—Ronald Reagan
Government takeover
Yankee government takeover that will force us to pay for Health Care for N*****s.—Neo-Confederate Rep. Joe Wilson
Grassroots organization
Subsidiary of lobbying firm—Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey
Great Communicator, The
Ronald Reagan, the Great Prevaricator

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