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Hitting them back first—Project for the New American Century
Defense Department
War Department, its original name
(US) A political system in which Real Americans have the vote. See Voter Fraud. (Foreign policy) see Free and Fair Election.
Democrat Party
Traitors, terrorists, Black Supremacist racists, and of course rats, bent on Destroying Our Country
Democratic Party
Never heard of it
Destroying Our Country
OMG, he's Black! They're taking over! They'll murder us in our beds, the same as Thomas Jefferson!
Shoot first and refuse to answer questions later
Disputes, These kind of
Gang rape—Sen. Jeff Sessions III, called out by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, 2009-10-15 for comments on Sen. Al Franken's amendment to bar the government from doing business with contractors that bar employees from suing.
Disaster planning
What, me worry?—Alfred E. Newman, apparently head of FEMA, MMS, and BP.
Domestic terrorist
The ACLU, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, any anti-war organization
Due process
The rules that apply only to Real Americans. Especially corporations, of course.
Economic policy
Tax cuts for the rich, which not coincidentally Starve the Beast.
Fairy tales, "Voodoo" Reaganomics, Market Fundamentalism, pie in the sky
Corporate shill—Milton Friedman
Indoctrination—Prussian philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Wanting everybody to get a real education

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