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What Scalia said, or very likely something even sillier, like what Thomas said. See also Original Intent.
Contract With America
Contract on America—Newt Gingrich, as observed by President Bill Clinton
Over the dead bodies of our most deluded followers and as many Godless, gritless liberals as we can get them to take out first
Corporate responsibility
Maximizing profit—Milton Friedman
Acting in the public interest, rather than staying bought by corporations
The religious theory that claims that Southern White males are not descended from monkeys, that is to say, Black Africans. Although you might be.
Critical thinking
Educational programs that "focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority."—Texas Republican Party platform
Kill Muslims! The President is a Muslim!
Culture war
"This is a Christian country! How dare you quote Thomas Jefferson?"; The oppression of the Christian Right by "Darwinist" atheistsCharlton Heston; Yankee tyranny attempting to destroy the Southern way of life, particularly the Southern Aristocracy and the rest of the Southern caste system—any Civil War secessionist, any Southern Strategy Republican
Cut and run
Negotiate an end to an unwinnable war and bring the troops home, like those Pinko traitors Richard M. Nixon and Henry Kissinger, or refuse to get bogged down in Iraq like George H. W. Bush, who always liked Jeb better anyway.—George W. Bush, John McCain See also Beat the drum of defeat, Capitulate.
The theory (some say "religion") that all humans, including rich White Southern males, are descended from monkeys, that is to say, from Black Africans, even though we know that Adam was White, and Africans are Black because of the curse of Ham.
Death panels
OMG, he's Black!—Betsy McCaughey, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Chuck Grassley
Death tax
Inheritance tax, when the government gets to tax your father's unrealized capital gains before you get hold of his investments.—Frank Luntz
When I want to hear your opinion, I'll tell it to you.—Tea Party, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh

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