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Christian country (US)
White Christian country—Christian Identity
Civil war
A fevered conspiracy theory in which Democrats shout down Republicans and start fist fights at Health Care Town Hall meetings, but not the actual Texas secessionist talk, Republican death threats against Obama, or militants with assault weapons outside the meetings—Jon Voight
Clash of civilizations
Anti-Muslim Crusade
Class war
Oppression of the rich by the poor
Clean coal
It's as dirty as ever, but we pretend to sweep the dirt under the rug.—The coal industry
Common sense
Obvious to any racist Real American
Dwight D. Eisenhower, tyrannical interstate highway builder and N*****-lover;Martin Luther King; Barak Obama: OMG, he's Black! He wants to spread the wealth around by taking it all away from us!
Community organizer
"Huh. What's that?"—Rudy Giuliani at Republican Convention, 2008; "Ze-ro! Ze-ro!"—audience response
Compassionate Conservatism
Kinder, gentler rape—George H. W. Bush
Subsidies and other government favors—Called out byAdam Smith
In the form con-science, Karl Rove's tested and verified methods for fooling almost enough of the people almost enough of the time, and making up the difference in voter suppression. There may be another meaning, but we wouldn't know anything about that.
What we say we think
Greedy, racist, or Dominionist; reactionary intent on conserving or even extending privilege above all else.
Any legitimate action by more than one Democrat or scientist

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