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Adherent of any religion other than ours, especially Darwinism, and also every other form of Christianity; Pres. Jimmy Carter, after he left the Southern Baptist Convention.
Average Americans
White, male, Christian Americans—National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh, commenting on Republican opposition to protecting female military contractors from rape by co-workers
Balanced budget
Trillions for war, but not one penny for social programs, except government health care in Iraq
Balance of powers
Meaningless impediments to proper government—Dick Cheney
Be afraid. Be very afraid
I didn't say that. You didn't hear that from me.—RNC Chairman Michael Steele
Beating the drum of defeat
See Quagmire.
"Date rape"—Grover Norquist; My way or the highway.—George W. Bush
Big government
Social programs for the poor and minorities—Ronald Reagan
Big tent
You can come in, but you have to stand over there, and cheer whenever we give the signal.
Bill of Rights
Bill of Wrongs, pretending that we aren't allowed to keep the riff-raff in their place.
N*****; The morally and intellectually inferior, tyrannical, vengeful, out-of-control ruling minority race that is Destroying Our Country just like we told you they would for all those years, and just like they did after the War of Northern Aggression before we took them in hand; The Sum of All Fears. However, President Barack Obama noted on the David Letterman show that he was a Black man before the election.

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