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Abstinence-only sex education
Get AIDS and die, sinners.—Billy Graham
Sovereign immunity—Dick Cheney
Actionable intelligence
Groupthink—George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld
Activist judge
One who rules the wrong way—said of Chief Justice John Roberts, ruling for the Affordable Care Act
Affirmative action
Organized discrimination against Whites—Pat Buchanan, Ward Connerly
Air quotes, Scare quote gesture in speech, using two fingers of each hand
OMG, the Democrats are using Code Words!—John McCain, speaking of the "health of the mother" exception in abortion laws.
Al Qaeda
Saddam Hussein—The entire Bush Administration and PNAC
Anybody who talks about the threat of Global Warming.
Antichrist, The
OMG, he's Black!
Concern over Israel's war crimes and Apartheid policies—AIPAC; Israeli reaction to Goldstone Report, Jimmy Carter, Israel's own peace protesters
"I'm sorry you made me so angry."—Joe Wilson
OMG, he's Black!

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