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Clinton T. Tanimura, was the State of Hawai'i's first legislative auditor, 23 years at the job.

In an article of rememerance in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Hawai'i's present legislative auditor says of Clinton Tanimura:

".... he was tough on work quality. There were stories of unsatisfactory report drafts being tossed into trash cans -- in the presence of their authors. For years, he resisted signing on to the audit standards promulgated by the federal General Accounting Office (now called the Government Accountability Office), maintaining that our work standards were higher than the GAO's."
"Under Clint, Hawaii was one of the first states to embark on performance or program auditing. He was a charter member of a legislative fiscal officers' association that continues to meet to this day. He was recognized in books authored by early leaders in what was then a new kind of audit endeavor. He, along with his late deputy auditor, Yukio Naito, was instrumental in professionalizing performance auditing with conceptual frameworks that they skillfully imported from other disciplines." [1]

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