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I want us to live in a world where we get along with each other, with all of our differences, and where we don't have to worry about seeing scenes every night for the next 40 years of ethnic cleansing in some part of the world." --President Clinton, March 23, 1999 [link]

"Clinton's actions and Clinton's words are the very embodiment of this idea. To justify bombing Serbia over Kosovo, he reiterates in every possible variation the imperative for the U.S. to oppose "ethnic cleansing and the slaughter of innocent people." [link]

"Shortly after the Kosovo crisis ended, the Clinton Administration came out with the "Clinton doctrine." This doctrine basically stated that the United States would forcefully intervene to prevent human rights abuses when it can do so without suffering substantial casualties, without the authority of the UN Security Council." link

On the videotape of the June 20 press conference you can see President Clinton's eyes light up as CNN's Wolf Blitzer asks his question about the policy implications of the war against Yugoslavia. "Mr. President is there, in your mind, a Clinton Doctrine?" "While there may well be a great deal of ethnic and religious conflict in the world," Mr Clinton generalizes, gripping the podium, " . . . whether within or beyond the borders of a country, if the world community has the power to stop it, we ought to stop genocide and ethnic cleansing." link

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