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There is also a Clarke College in Dubuque Iowa


Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Established: 1887

Grant Activity

From 1985-96, grants totaling $566,430[1] from the John M. Olin Foundation have funded the following activities at Clark University:

  • Center for Health Economics, established under the direction of Attiat F. Ott: $94,9300 (1987-88)
  • John M. Olin Research Fellowships:
  • Institute for Economic Studies, to support conferences and resident scholars under the direction of Attiat F. Ott: $240,000(1985-92)
  • Research and writing on feminism, including the book Who Stole Feminism? by Christina Hoff Sommers: $131,500 (1993-96)

Other Grant Sources

From 1985-2002, additional grants totaling 124,595 have been received from the following organizations:

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