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Location: Claremont, California
Established: 1946

Claremont McKenna College is one of the seven affiliated Claremont Colleges, which also include:

Claremont McKenna College was founded in 1946 as Claremont Men's College. The college went coeducational in 1976, and in 1981 changed its name to Claremont McKenna College, in honor of founding trustee Donald McKenna.

CMC's main area of concentration is government and business, as each of the Claremont Colleges has a particular specialty.

Other Affiliations

Note: While a number of Claremont McKenna professors contribute to the Claremont Institutute, CMC has not offical affilation with The Claremont Institute.

Grant Activity

From 1989-03, grants totaling $618,000[1][2] from the John M. Olin Foundation funded the following activities at the Claremont McKenna College:

  • Completion of a book by Frederick R. Lynch, The Managing Diversity Crusades: $23,000 (1994)
  • Henry Salvatori Center:
    • Appointment of James McClellan as professor of government at the Washington campus: $50,000 (1989-90)
    • John M. Olin Program in the Principles of Free Government, under the direction of Charles R. Kesler: $400,000 (1997-2003)
    • John M. Olin Fellowships and Lectures: $60,000 (1994-95)
    • John M. Olin Graduate Fellows in Political Theory: $85,000 (1992-96)

Other Grant Sources

From 1985-2002, additional grants totaling $1,899,596 were received from the following organizations:

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