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Robb, Charles S. "Chuck"

Democratic Governor of (1982-1986) and Senator from (1989-2001) Virginia; the only incumbent Democratic Senator to be defeated in the election of 2000.

Robb first appeared on the public scene as a young Marine officer in the 1960s. While serving in a ceremonial post in the Johnson White House, he met the president's daughter Lynda. The two fell in love and were married in a White House ceremony. Robb subsequently served a tour of duty in Vietnam, even as the war over which his father-in-law presided was becoming increasingly unpopular at home and abroad.

Robb first won election to the Senate in 1988, having served as Virginia's governor in the mid-eighties. Despite a sex scandal, a Republican electoral sweep, and the popularity of the challenger, Oliver North, Robb secured re-election in 1994 after Virginia's senior Senator, Republican John Warner, refused to endorse North.

By the end of the nineties, Robb grew weary of his political career. He admitted that his personal life was falling apart; it would matter little to him if he won re-election. The Democrats mounted a relatively strong campaign to get Robb re-elected, but Virginians responded to challenger George Allen's "It's time to retire Chuck Robb" ads. A nasty TV battle was waged, but in the end, Allen defeated Robb.

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