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Chris Dodd
U.S. Senior Senator, Connecticut
Party Democratic
Assumed office (class 3)

January 5, 1981
Serving with Joe Lieberman

Preceded by Abraham A. Ribicoff
Born May 27, 1944
Spouse Jackie Clegg Dodd
Religion Roman Catholic

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Chris Dodd is the senior Senator from Connecticut, and a Democratic leader in the Senate. Sen. Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee chairman and architect of major health care legislation announced on January 6, 2010 he will not seek another term.


Biography in Bullets

Dodd has earned a Moderate Liberal reputation in the Senate.


Dodd's father, Thomas J. Dodd was the #2 American prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials. As a result of that experience, the Senator feels passionately about the rule of law, and America's moral example to the world. (Source:What America Stands For by Steven C. Clemons.)


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