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Christine Cegelis first ran for Congress in 2004, against incumbent Henry Hyde in Illinois' 6th District. Since Rep. Hyde recently announced his retirement, the 2006 race will be for an open seat. Ms. Cegelis lost the primary to Tammy Duckworth. The Republican candidate, Peter Roskam, as yet faces no primary challenger.

The 6th District is trending Democratic because of partisan shifts in the Chicago suburbs. In 2004, she received 44.2% of the vote against Henry Hyde's 55.8%. That was a larger percentage of the vote than any Democratic challenger has received against Hyde in a decade, and it was achieved with a largely volunteer staff and as a first-time challenger. In 2006 the Sixth District is an open seat, and she has campaign experience and name recognition on her side. In the 2002 race Democrat Janet Robert lost to Hyde by 35% to 65%.

Cegelis is 51, a single mother and a businesswoman.

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