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Christian Reconstructionism is a religious and political movement within Protestant Christianity. It calls for Christian dominion over government and the enforcement of the general principles of Old Testament Mosiac law, as expounded in the case laws and summarized in the Decalogue. It is opposed to some forms of religious tolerance, but it is equally opposed to Erastianism, so it seeks for denominational tolerance within the bounds of Yahwistic Christianity. While, Christian Reconstructionism does not seek to establish laws to regulate beliefs, only actions, only those forms in which actions that are contrary to the general princples of their deinfed moral law (e.g., blasphemy, public dissemination of idolatry) are proscribed.

It is best known in the United States of America, where its most vocal advocate was Rousas John (R. J.) Rushdoony. Christian Reconstructionism is closely related, perhaps indistinguishable, from Dominionism, and is based on the ideas of Theonomy (the establishment of "God's law" in the civil order) and Dominion Theology.

Christian Reconstructionists generally hold to a form of Postmillennial Eschatology, though the distinctive tenets of the movement (generally referred to as Theonomic Ethics or Theonomy) are purported to be compatible with other eschatological viewpoints.

It is unrelated to Reconstructionist Judaism.

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