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The Christian Coalition of America (CC) is a conservative far-right political advocacy group, which includes Christian fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Roman Catholics and members of mainline Protestant churches; it has 2.5 million supporters nationwide and has distributed over 70,000,000 million voter guides since 2000 under the leadership of Roberta Combs. The Christian Coalition was founded in 1989 by Rev. Pat Robertson, who served as the organization's president for some time. The current president is Roberta Combs.

The (CC) claims to be "the largest and most active conservative grassroots political organization in America ... [offering] people of faith the vehicle to be actively involved in shaping their government - from the County Courthouse to the halls of Congress."[1]

Orginally operating out of Virgiania Beach, Virginia, the CC's current president [Roberta Combs, "has strategically relocated its National Headquarters to Washington, DC, ... [to] further enhance" the organization's "effectiveness in supporting the pro-family agenda."[2].  


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Contact information

Christian Coalition of America
P.O. Box 37030

Washington, DC 20013-7030 USA

Phone: (202) 479-6900
Fax: (202) 479-4260

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