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Chris Matthews, is a Center-Right host of Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

  • Loudest talk-show host on TV.
  • Never gives guests a chance to answer his questions before yelling another question at them.
  • Often referred to as "Tweety."
  • From Philadelphia with an accent to match; described his upbringing as something resembling "lower upper-middle-class"
  • Former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter and chief aide to then-House Speaker Tip O'Neill (D-MA)
  • Married to a news anchor, has kids.


Registered Democrat

Politics and Style

Bizarrely portrayed on "Saturday Night Live" as a raging, screaming blowhard, Matthews' derangement is actually quite cheerful and ultimately sui generis. He is given to high-speed exterior monologues (thinking out loud), inappropriate statements, discursive rambling, and machine-gun pitter-patter questioning of his interview victims - all punctuated by an unnerving high-pitched childlike laugh. He thinks rapidly and shifts gears almost unnoticeably between three basic moods: a.) Serious Matthews, b.) Hostile Matthews, c.) Inanely Jovial Matthews, with (c) the apparent default. His politics could be described as those of a well-to-do moderate Democrat - but above all, his views seem immensely malleable; he is suggestible and sways with the wind. He does so not out of opportunism or calculation, but because it's his nature.

Notes and Trivia

  • Challenged to a duel on air by a tottering Zell Miller.
  • Acquired blogosphere nickname "Tweety" due to his hilarious, balloon-like yellow head.

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