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Instead of playing with this soccer ball, this child is manufacturing it.

"More than 10 per cent of the world’s 2.2 billion children are engaged in child labour, the majority of them working in agriculture, often with hazardous chemicals or machinery. About 10 million are trapped in slavery, trafficking, prostitution, and armed conflict...

This supply of child labour is accommodated by the demand of employers for a cheap and flexible workforce, including small-scale family enterprises that cannot afford adult paid labour. The absence of regulations together with weak law enforcement often allows the practice to flourish. And it is a mistake to think of globalization as a force for improvement in labour standards. Although large-scale manufacturing export industries may not directly rely on child labour, the backward linkages to these industries through subcontracting to labour-intensive segments of the product may be less compliant. For example, India's sporting goods industry has strong backward linkages to suppliers of components using child labour."

From: Topic Guide: Child Labor

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