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Chet Edwards is the representative for President Bush’s home district (TX-17), and he is now serving his 8th term in the U.S. Congress. In 2004, Chet Edwards was the only member of the targeted “Texas Five” to survive Tom Delay’s Texas redistricting scheme.

As one of only six House Members on both the Budget and Appropriations Committees, Edwards has fought hard for increased funding for Head Start, college student loans, affordable housing and has courageously opposed tax cuts for the rich that have increased the federal deficit. Because of his work on the issue of church/state separation in 2004 U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) called Chet “one of the most passionate defenders of religious liberty in the Congress.”

After graduating from Texas A&M in 1974, Edwards worked for 3 years for Congressman Olin E. “Tiger” Teague before earning an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Before being elected to Congress, Edwards worked in commercial real estate and was the president of a communications company. Edwards and his wife, Lea Ann, along with their sons, attend the Calvary Baptist Church in Waco.

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