Cheney is The Real President

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Pretty Widely Held (Just read any of Billmon's essays.)


MATTHEWS: Welcome back. That was Jay Leno poking fun at Dick Cheney's immense power in the Bush White House. Much more than your usual VP, right, Gloria?

Ms. BORGER: Oh yeah. I mean, the power behind the throne, obviously. You know...

MATTHEWS: Who's the power behind the throne? Bush or Cheney? Which one?

Ms. BORGER: Cheney--well. Cheney.


Ms. BORGER: You know. Cheney is the hardliner. He's the enforcer in the White House. He's the guy who fired Secretary O'Neill, former treasury secretary. He's the guy whispering in the president's ear about intelligence on Iraq. I think the president depends on him, and I think that's the way Cheney likes it, and he says, "I am never running for political office again. I am devoted to the president and his agenda, and he knows it." And that's why the relationship works.

Source: The Chris Matthews Show - My Big Fat Vice Presidency - Weekend of July 3-4, 2004.</div>


  • user:Shock Cheney talks out of the side of his mouth because he hasn't yet mastered all of the ventriloquism techniques. But he still does a pretty good job turning Bush's head at appropriate times. (Bush looks like a ventriloquist dummy with his smirk.) By the next term, Cheney should have it perfected and we won't even see his lips moving.

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