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Charles Darwin, the author of the book the "On the Origin of the Species" in 1859, was the first to describe, with co-investigator Alfred Wallace, the notion of Evolution thorugh natural selection. This theory forms the backbone of modern biology.

The issue of Teaching Evolution in schools is controversial, because some creationists feel the theory proposed by Darwin eliminates the need for God as means by which natural diversity arose.

Many Christians place fish symbols on their cars as a symbol of their faith (the fish as a symbol of Jesus is a Greek pun on his name and was used as a secret symbol of Jesus in the early church). Those who are concerned about the influence of Evangelical Christianity on issues like Teaching Evolution, often, in protest, place symbols of a fish with legs on it, often containing the words "Darwin" or "Evolve" to indicate the belief in the theory of evolution and hence, their rejection of belief in the literal truth of the Bible a core belief of Evangelical Christians.

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