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Charles William Boustany, Jr. (born February 21, 1956) represents Louisiana's historically Democratic 7th Congressional District (map) as a Republican since he won an open race in 2004. Christopher "Chris" John, the incumbent Democrat, did not seek re-election in order to run for the U.S. Senate; therefore, Boustany, two Democrats and another Republican vied for the House seat. Boustany (pronounced boo-STAN-ie) won 39 percent, with the next highest vote-getter being Democratic State Senator Willie Landry Mount, the former mayor of Lake Charles, who received 25 percent. Under Louisiana's jungle primary system, in the event no candidate wins over 50 percent plus one vote, a runoff is conducted between the two top candidates. In the resulting December 4 runoff election, Boustany defeated Mount 55-45 percent.

In the mid-term election of 2006, Boustany, with 71 percent of the vote, handily defeated the Democrat Mike Stagg despite the national tide that favored Democratic congressional nominees.[1]

Boustany, of Lebanese ancestry, and was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Boustany, Sr. He attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana and earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University. Boustany is a heart surgeon who initially practiced in Rochester, New York, before taking a job at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. The congressman is married to the former Bridget Edwards. He is one of ten children. Boustany has authored a comprehensive plan for reinvigorating the economy of his district known as the "Perscription for Prosperity".

Boustany's family has been active in Lafayette Parish politics. His father, Dr. Charles Boustany, Sr., a former Democrat, is the elected Republican coroner of Lafayette Parish.

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