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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent agency of the United States Government, and a member of the Intelligence Community.

(This paragraph is obsolete because the CIA's role was changed by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. It will be updated soon.) The CIA is responsible for coordinating the nation’s intelligence activities and correlating, evaluating and disseminating intelligence which affects national security. As part of its mission, it provides foreign intelligence on national security topics and engages in foreign counter-intelligence activities. The CIA was created by the National Security Act of 1947, and is headed by the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). The DCI is also the leader of the U.S. Intelligence Community, of which the CIA is just one member.

The previous (June 2004) Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, announced his resignation on June 3, 2004, effective July 11. Mr. Tenet was appointed Director by President Bill Clinton in 1997. He was temporarily succeeded by his deputy, John McLaughlin.

Air Force General Michael V. Hayden is the current Director of Central Intelligence. He was confirmed on May 26, 2006. His predecessor was Porter J. Goss who was appointed on April 21, 2005 and resigned on May 5, 2006.



  • Marching Toward Hell -- by Michael Scheuer, former CIA agent and powerful critic of the do-nothing but bitch Administration response to Osama bin Ladin and his initiatives.

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